Why You Should Adopt a Senior Dog

Why You Should Adopt a Senior Dog

Unfortunately, senior dogs make up a large portion of shelters and are less likely to be adopted than an adult pooch or puppy. People claim the reason for the lack of adoptions is concern about health issues. But, senior dogs deserve love and a caring home just as much as any other dog. Read on to find out just why you should take a chance on a senior furry friend!

No Surprises Here

Because senior dogs are older, their behaviors and patterns are more established. For example, if a family had to give up their pooch for some reason, they are able to tell the shelter all about the dog so whoever adopts the senior pup knows all they need to about them! This information also helps shelters better fit the dog into a family that is best suited for their needs and lifestyle.

Seniors Have Less Demand of Responsibility

Puppies are adorable, but they’re not for everyone. Plus, adult dogs can also be a handful if the breed doesn’t fit someone’s lifestyle. Senior dogs aren’t demanding physically, they usually only want a light walk and your love and affection!

Already Trained

Most senior dogs in shelters come from previous homes, meaning they are more than likely already trained (potty, basic commands, good behaviors, etc). This can put your mind at ease because you won’t have to put in the effort to make sure they know not to chew up your shoes or pee on the rug! You can sit back and enjoy their company.

Lifelong Companion

Senior dogs really are lifelong companions. Due to their previous experience in a home(s), senior pups are socialized and have easier times bonding with people. Socialized dogs work great in family settings and are open to giving and receiving all the love they can!

Save a Life

By adopting, you are saving a life, so why not save one that is overlooked? You are giving them a second (or maybe even more) lease on life by adopting! Some organizations even wave adoption fees completely if the person adopting the dog is over a certain age. Contact your local shelter about this when looking for a senior pup!

Senior dogs deserve our love too. Don’t be wary of potential health issues. When trying to decide whether a senior dog is right for you, think about the demands a puppy takes and the life you could be saving by opening your home and heart to an older dog!

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