Tips for the First 30 Days with Your New Puppy

Tips for the First 30 Days with Your New Puppy

If you are the owner of a new puppy, first of all, congratulations! A dog can bring an immense amount of joy into a home. But with a new puppy comes a lot of questions, so to help make this transition easier for you and Fido here are some helpful tips for your first month as a pet parent.

Finally Bringing your New Puppy Home

The first day you get to bring your new ball-of-fur home will include some traveling. Whether you’re going a short or long distance, this can be a perfect time to teach your dog to love crates. Stock it with treats, toys, and if possible an item that has his mother or littermates scent on it. Before bringing Fido inside let them potty and praise them with a treat afterward to start house training immediately. Once you’re settled inside really comfort your pet. Give them plenty of love and even talk to them so they can become familiar with your voice. This is a big transition for your new pup so you’ll want to support them as much as possible. Keep in mind though that any excitement may result in a potty accident since puppies bladders are so small. Finally, let your four-legged friend explore their new home allowing them to build trust with you and your place.

Puppy’s First Vet Visit

Within 48 hours of bringing your pup home, you’ll want to take them to the vet. It’s important to ensure they’re in good health and they haven’t contracted any type of sickness. This first visit ill moat likely just be a physical exam with a weigh-in and general overlook. Depending on when or if your pup received their last vaccinations you may have to schedule a second visit to get those taken care of.

Eat, Sleep, Play

Obviously, your pup is going to need food to grow, but it’ll also be a great way for the two of you to bond. It’ll first of all start to get your new dog on a schedule that will make house-training easier. But it’ll also show your dog that you care and provide for them. Make sure to measure out your pup’s food for the first few weeks so you know you’re not giving them too much or too little. Many puppy owners try hand feeding the first couple of weeks of their puppy’s life to help them develop a soft mouth instead of a habit of ripping treats from your hand.

When it’s bedtime take your furry friend out to potty one last time before bed and then be sure to put them in their crate with a towel that smells like you to comfort them and a treat to encourage good behavior.

Depending on your dog’s breed and individual personality the toys you get for them are going to vary. Big pups will most likely want durable chew toys, where smaller dogs may just want a tiny plush toy. Puzzle toys are also an excellent idea because they promote mental stimulation at this early age.

Start training early for lasting results

The first 16 weeks of your puppy’s life are crucial when it comes to training. This is a critical learning stage in their life, and if trained right those proper habits will last a lifetime. Your pup will obviously continue learning throughout their life but teaching them sooner than later will give you the best results. Have your pup meet your neighbors and loved ones so they can become familiar with their faces, and also increase their social skills. Take your pup on short car rides so they can eliminate that fear early on. Also taking your pup out on errands with you will help them with meeting strangers and grow comfortable around new people.

Taking care of a puppy can be a lot of work, but if done right in the beginning it’ll save you a lot of work later on. Now go play with your new pup!

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