Tips for Supporting Local Dog Shelters

Tips for Supporting Local Dog Shelters

Not everyone is able to adopt, but you can still feed your love for dogs by supporting your local animal shelter! Shelters are often underserved and understaffed, so any and all support is welcome. Loving your local rescue pets can come in many forms, so read on to find the best option for you to support shelter pups!


There’s no doubt that the best way to support local shelters and rescue dogs, is to adopt! If you are able to adopt, don’t second guess your decision. Shelter dogs deserve their forever homes and you deserve your forever canine companion! Shelters’ main goal is to get their pups in the best homes they can, so adopting is the biggest form of support. If you are thinking of adopting, visit your local shelter and interact with some of the overlooked dogs like senior or disabled dogs. They often don’t find homes, so you can end up saving a life by doing this.


If you don’t want to quite commit to having a lifelong friend, or just want to give more dogs a safe home, try out fostering! Fostering allows you to help socialize a dog, give them a safe space to lay their head, and free up some space in a shelter for a little while. If you decide you want to spend more time with your foster dog, you can adopt them after your foster time ends. Apply to foster a dog at your local animal shelter!


A classic way to support your favorite shelter is to donate. A lot of shelters run off of the donations they receive, so your money is always your responsibility spent. Whether you help fund animal healthcare, food, or living quality, you are doing an honorable deed by donating funds! Financial support goes a long way in maintaining high-quality shelters, you can even donate to national organizations too!

Donate Supplies

If you have unopened, extra doggie supplies, or would rather just donate an object instead of money, shelters love receiving supply donations. This may be a more accessible option for people who can not afford a bigger financial donation. Shelters are usually always looking for towels and toys, call and check with your local shelter to see what items they are needing most urgently! Some animal shelters may even have an Amazon wishlist on their social media pages or website where you can buy objects they have listed and it will ship to the shelter, no dropping off by you needed!


Not able to foster or adopt? How about volunteering! Animal shelters love when people volunteer as it’s easier to make sure all animals are attended to. Shelters may have volunteers do a number of things with the dogs like walking, bathing, feeding, or doing laundry. All help provided by volunteers is greatly appreciated as volunteers are often the heart of the shelter! Check with your local shelter and ask what type of volunteer work they’re in need of, you may even end up volunteering to take adorable adoption headshots!


Although it may seem silly, shelters appreciate crafts for cause donations! You can use your creativity to make something useful to the shelter like cage curtains. Or you can make personalized ‘adopt me’ necklaces for dogs to pose in for the shelter’s socials. Holiday crafts are even an option to bring in a ‘homier’ feel to the shelter and bring in potential adopters!

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