Tips for Rescuing a Dog in 2021

Tips for Rescuing a Dog in 2021

Thinking about adopting a rescue dog from your local shelter, but need some tips on how to get the process started? Look no further! Here are some general guidelines and tips for rescuing a dog in 2021.

Is Adopting Right for Me?

Adopting means rescuing a pooch and giving them the loving and caring home they deserve. Shelters are often overcrowded with dogs looking for a forever home, so if you’re thinking about adopting, read on!

Adopting isn’t just about loving dogs because of course you do! Who doesn’t love those furballs? Adopting is a huge responsibility and is often a long-term commitment (depending on the age of the pooch you bring home). So if you want to know if rescuing is right for you, think to yourself, “Am I ready to take on the responsibility of caring for another living being for X amount of years?” If the answer is undoubtedly yes, then adopting just might be the right choice for you! Before adopting, you should also consider the type of dog and breed that will fit into your lifestyle, work patterns, budget, etc. best.

Adoption Process

If you’re sure you can take on the responsibility of adopting, then the next step is to begin the rescue process, but how? Every shelter is unique about its adoption process and it also may vary by state, but adopting usually takes anywhere from hours to 2-3 weeks. When you apply for adopting a dog, some shelters may require a home visit or let you take your new pup home the same day! It really depends on what that specific shelter requires, be sure you know about the requirements before getting your heart set on a pooch. But, if you’re a good potential doggie parent, the shelter will be sure to see that, so don’t fret!

Adoption Supplies

You want to be fully prepared before bringing a new dog home, which means it’s time to go puppy shopping! Doggies need a lot of gear, so here’s a list of everything you need before your furry friend comes home:

  • Dog food (the shelter will usually provide a bag of the food they have been feeding your dog, contact your vet with any questions about food transitions and age-appropriate dog food) and treats
  • Dog bowls for food and water
  • Doggie toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Grooming tools (brush specific for their coat type, nail trimmers, and dog shampoo)
  • Dog bed and/or crate
  • Travel carrier
  • Potty pads and poop bags
  • Collar and leash (with dog tag)
  • A veterinarian

Although it’s tempting, you can’t bring every adorable puppy at the shelter home with you. Here’s a guide on how to help out your local shelter and dogs to make their lives a little easier!

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