The Best Types of Lawn Seed for Dog Owners

The Best Types of Lawn Seed for Dog Owners

Sharing a home with a canine can mean additional wear and tear on your yard in a multitude of ways. A dog’s urine and feces can end up staining and killing patches of your lawn, while the normal running playing your pup dies can also result in torn-up grass. To help maintain your yard while owning a furry friend, you’ll want to pay special attention to a grass’s efficiency of growth, depth of its roots, and if it’s suited to your climate. Here’s a list of lawn seeds that check those boxes in the best way

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass happens to be one of the best choices for dog owners. This grass is extremely durable and prospers in almost any climate. Kentucky Bluegrass is also known for having a quick growth rate and a just as fast recovery rate as well. If you’re looking for practical, gorgeous grass – then this might be just what you’ve been searching for.

Perennial Ryegrass

Known for producing deep roots, the Perennial Ryegrass will give you a hardy durable lawn. This grass makes maintaining a well-kept yeard easy – even if you have a mischievous pooch. Also, Perennial Ryegrass grows at a rapid pace. The only downside is that it typically only thrives in colder climates, making it less universal.


Fescue grass comes in several variations, which helps picking out the right seed for your home that much easier. Here is another type of grass known for its hardy nature, which is a massive plus for pet parents. Fescue grass also is resistant to common problems dog issues such as their urine or feces damaging the lawn. Additionally, Fescue is excellent at absorbing excess liquid and does not require direct sunlight to flourish.


When most people think of Bermuda, they think of soaking up the warm sun, which is precisely what this grass loves to do. Being a low maintenance lawn seed, the Bermuda grass requires minimal watering at most to remain luscious and vibrant. One downside, though, is that Bermuda grass tends to break and can take longer than other types of grass to regrow, so on occasion, you may have are patches.


Zoysia grass is unique in that its best known for how wonderful it feels. This grass produces a sort of silky feeling, which many dogs and their owners alike tend to enjoy. The only issue is that with fantastic grass like this, patience has to be put into play – as this grass can take up to four years to establish properly.

If reseeding your lawn just isn’t an option, but you’re still are looking for solutions to the dog-related issues your grass is experiencing, consider watering your lawn more frequently, picking up poop promptly, and avoiding having playtime on wet grass.

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