The Best Toy Dog Breeds

The Best Toy Dog Breeds

Lots of good things come in small packages, including adorable toy dog breeds! These pups are not only tiny bundles of joy but also excellent canine companions just as much as their bigger breed counterparts are. Dogs come in all different shapes and sizes but toy dog breeds are definitely some pups to think about adding to your household! Here’s a list of some of the best toy dog breeds to consider!

What’s A Toy Dog?

A toy dog breed is a pooch that is specifically bred small through generations and usually weighs less than 15 pounds, even at their adult weight. These pocked-sized canines are full of love, life, and affections so read on to find your perfect match!


Toy Chihuahuas are both lively and loyal pups with tons of personality to go around. They are easily trainable so they make great companions to keep by your side. This breed can be susceptible to separation anxiety so be sure to work on ways to manage that with them!


Toy pugs are just like regular pugs, but pocket-sized! They love to be in the spotlight, have giant personalities for their small bodies, and are extremely sweet to everyone they come across. Pugs are a great match for anyone looking for an adorably energetic and loving canine.


A toy Maltese is a popular teacup breed as they are both charming and smart animals. They love to both adventure or stay at home and lazily lay around. These pups will love a chance to spend time with their owners at a doggie spa day too!

Japanese Chin

Japanese Chins are a lesser-known toy breed but stand out all on their own. This breed is more than affectionate and loyal to its owners and has shyer mannerisms than other pups. A Japanese Chin is a great dog for those looking for a more docile furball.


There’s no hiding that Papillon dogs are one of the most popular and prestigious toy breeds. These dogs can often be found in dog shows as they’re extremely trainable, smart, and obedient! They also love to explore with their owners and spend time bonding.

Toy Poodle

Toy Poodles are all the rage as they get the same traits of confidence, smarts, and loyalty as their regular breed counterpart. These pups have a need to socialize so be sure to frequent the dog park!

Toy dog breeds are tiny and lovable! They are fiercely loyal, fun, and happy-go-lucky animals to make a perfect addition to your home.

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