The Best Allergy Treatments for Dogs

The Best Allergy Treatments for Dogs

Your dog’s allergies can be a pain to deal with, especially if you don’t know what the best treatment for them is. From sneezing, a runny nose, or coughing, pet allergies can get out of hand. But, here’s a list of some of the best allergy treatments for your pups!


Apoquel is a pill that helps with itching. Itching from allergies can lead to chewing, scratching, rubbing, and biting. But remember, Apoquel is used for skin itching caused by allergies, not skin conditions! Be sure that your vet has noted that Apoquel is an approved allergy treatment for your pooch!


Many dogs that have environmental-based allergies often have skin conditions. Cytopoint injections are antibody treatments that neutralize cytokine, the protein that causes skin infections. The treatment lasts around 4 weeks so it’s an easier option for dogs going through allergy treatment!


Diets affect your dog as food allergies can be common in canines! Food allergy tests with blood can sometimes be unreliable, so testing with diet trials is key to discovering food allergies! You want to expose your dog to a protein they aren’t familiar with to test for allergies. Chicken is often used in foods and pastes so you likely don’t need to test for a chicken allergy. Remember to discuss this with your veterinarian before testing.


Immunotherapy is for dogs with environmental allergies. A skin prick test will be able to tell you what your dog is allergic to! After this, your vet will be able to formulate a treatment plan consisting of anything from a vaccine, injections, or oral medication. Eventually, your pup may be able to change the way its immune system reacts to the allergy and outgrow it completely.

Treatments for dog allergies can sometimes be difficult to wrap your head around, but getting advice from your veterinarian will help in the long run! Be patient with your pooch as they deal with allergies and get the care they need.

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