Summer Time Tips for Your Dog

Summer tips for your dog.

With summer now upon us it’s important we make sure our furry friends are being well-kept. In the changing of the seasons, also comes a change in temperature which can greatly affect our pets and their daily routines. And with this new change its important as a dog owner to take them into account. With these new summertime tips, your dog should stay happy and healthy all summer.

Hydration is Crucial

As a dog owner, you should be well informed on the signs of dehydration to ensure their safety in the hot summer sun. Panting is a dog’s natural way of cool off. So pay careful attention to excessive drooling. Eventually if left untreated they will start to act lethargic. And you may notice their eyes going bloodshot as well as their skin turning pale. If you notice these signs it is critical that you get them water immediately. And try to get them someplace cool to rest. To prevent this from happening try carrying a bottle of water on your walks to periodically give them a drink. You can also invest in a doggy backpack, that will hold their water for them while simultaneously keeping them cool.

Keeping Your Dog Cool

Making sure your four-legged friend is staying cool is just as important as keeping them hydrated. And there are multiple easy ways to ensure this. If your air condition goes out you can always become innovative and set up a small fan in front of some ice. This will blow some cold wind their way. You can also lay out a wet towel for them to rest on. There are also multiple easy water-related ways to keep your dog cool, such as setting up a kiddy pool in the shade or getting a dog-friendly sprinkler. Also when trying to cool them off, remember your pup cools from the bottom up. So make sure to spray their paws and stomach more frequently then you would their backs.

Plan Your Exercise Routines Accordingly

If you’re someone who likes to go on frequent walks with your dog try going during cooler hours of the day. And if this isn’t an option try investing in some doggy boots to protect their paws from the hot pavement. Another idea is to take your dog with you on a swim day. Whether that be at your pool or a dog-friendly lake its a great way for your dog to get in some exercise while staying cool and getting to bond with you.

Protecting Their Skin

Just like us, dogs get sunburnt too! So make sure to use sunscreen, especially on breeds with shorter hair. Not all sunscreen is safe though, and some can actually be toxic for your pup so make sure you’re getting dog-friendly sunscreen. As well, make sure they are being protected from harmful bugs like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes that come out in the summer season.

With the summer heat its important to always remember NOT to leave your dog in your car, because it can heat up extremely fast and cause serious damage to your pup. Make sure to keep up to date on the latest trends to ensure your pets safety all summer.

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