Should I Get My Dog a Sound Machine?

People love to use white noise machines for themselves or for their kids to help block out noise and make it easy to fall asleep at night. But, have you ever thought that maybe your pup could also benefit from a sound machine?

Let’s talk about why white noise machines could benefit your pup and whether or not it’s time to invest in one.

Does Your Dog Have Anxiety?

Dogs often have many characteristics that you can look for to determine whether or not your dog may be suffering from anxiety. First, anxious dogs are more likely to destroy things around the house like chewing up furniture, digging up soil, or getting into the garbage bin when you leave them alone. This is all due to separation anxiety.

All dogs are going to have to spend some time alone, but check out this article on how long is okay to leave your dog alone. 

Other signs could include barking or howling when you’re not home, shivering, panting, digging, running away, not eating, peeing in the house, or excessively chewing or licking themselves. If you notice your dog exhibiting any of these behaviors, call your vet to get some advice on how to help.

Could A Sound Machine Help Your Dog?

If your dog has anxiety or gets nervous easily when hearing sounds outside of your home, a sound machine might be a great solution to help your dog calm down a bit.

If your dog gets wound up hearing people outside your house or apartment, gets nervous during thunderstorms or fireworks, or gets nervous when the house is too quiet, a sound machine can help drown out those noises so your dog can relax a little.

Blocking out outside noises with the constant sound of white noise or the rythms of soothing sounds like driving in a car or crashing waves could help anyone calm down, even your furry friend.

Sound machines come with all kinds of features that could be useful for your pup like volume control, auto-off timers, and even night lights to help your dog see in the dark.

Helping your dog to relax, will increase the amount of sleep they get, which will then boost their overall physical and mental health.

If you are looking for other ways to help calm your pup’s anxiety, such as anxiety vests, plenty of exercise, or mindful nature walks. 

Overall, a sound machine is an excellent way to help calm your pup’s mind so they can relax a little more. However, if your dog has anxiety, talk with your vet to get recommendations on how to help your pup.


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