Reasons Dogs Bite

Reasons Dogs Bite

No matter the size, gender, or breed of your pup – they all can bite. Even the sweetest and cuddliest pooch could turn around and nip at someone if provoked. But what does cause some dogs to bite? Read on to find out!

It’s a Reaction

The most common reason your pup goes in for a bite is that they’re reacting to something. If your furry friend finds themselves in a stressful and overwhelming situation, they may try to strike in an effort to protect themselves. Or they could be biting because they think something they love may be in danger – like their puppies, food, toys, or humans!

Fido Might Be Feeling Under the Weather

Your canine could also be biting because they feel sick or are injured. If Fido isn’t feeling well, they probably want to be left alone, so if they nip it’s probably a sign they want to be left alone.

It’s All Fun & Games Until Someone Gets Bit

Playtime is also a common reason Fido might be biting. When your four-legged friend gets overly excited from wrestling or tug-of-war, they may bite you on accident. Your canine companion doesn’t realize these little nips can be extremely painful on your end.

Preventing Dog Biting

Plenty of socialization is not only healthy for your dog’s mental health – but it’s also an excellent way to desensitize them. Getting them comfortable in different settings and situation can allow your pup to feel more at ease. Doing this while your furry friend is still a puppy will help make this process much more comfortable and last in the long run. Also educating yourself and others about the appropriate way to approach your dog will allow Fido to feel more comfortable.

Your furry friend doesn’t have any ill will towards you or your guests – but sometimes certain situations can trigger them to nip. Staying informed and being respectful of your pup’s space will help prevent this.

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