Local Dog’s Painting Raising Money for Dog Food Donations

Local Painting for Charity

While your dog spends their time running around the house wreaking havoc, this artsy dog is spending her time…painting?! And not only is she painting, she is also selling her paintings and donating the profits to charity. It doesn’t get much doggone cooler than that! Read on to learn more about Ivy Kite, the incredible painting dog.

How Did She Learn to Paint?

The first question most people ask Lisa Kite, Ivy Kite’s mom, is how she can possibly know how to paint. Lisa worked diligently to train Ivy Kite on a variety of different tricks using clicker training. Ivy Kite can open and close doors, take off Lisa’s jacket for her, distinguish craft beer from Heineken, and bring a beer and bottle opener to whoever is requesting a refill. She has also appeared in commercials for Duke Energy and Lowe’s. That’s a pretty impressive resume for a doggo!

What Is Ivy Kite’s Painting Process?

As expected from our furry friends, who lack opposable thumbs, Ivy Kite paints by mouth. She simply grabs a paintbrush with her mouth, chooses her colors (Lisa says blue is her favorite), and sets out on her painting. Lisa will usually start her off with a canvas and paints, and Ivy knows to set the brush down after some clicks from Lisa. She then receives chicken as a reward for her hard work. Ivy will do one color per day on each painting, let it dry, and then return the next day and add another color. This creates an abstract look that turns out truly beautiful.

Does She Enjoy It?

Lisa says that Ivy Kite never tires of painting. She says Ivy views painting as work, and she likes to work! We think she may really just enjoy the chicken and liverwurst that she gets as a reward for paintings, but who knows, maybe our dogs have an artsy side that we don’t know about yet.

Check out Ivy Kite’s art on her Instagram and consider making a charitable purchase. The artist is super cute and a very hard worker!

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