Keeping Your Dog Happy Indoors

Keeping Your Dog Happy Indoors

When stuck inside, having your furry friend by your side can make your time a whole lot more enjoyable. But even though there is more time for cuddles and playtime with your canine companion, there are also some new challenges you’ll have to face – like keeping Fido entertained. Here are some tips that will help you keep your pup entertained inside.

Long-Chew Treats Can Be a Lifesaver

To keep your pooch happily occupied, long-lasting chews are a must-have. Especially if you have a four-legged friend that has the tendency to scarf down treats, long-lasting chews can make them last much longer. Chew toys like Kongs can be filled with peanut butter and frozen, keeping your canine busy for hours.

Mentally Stimulating Puzzles for Your Pup

Besides keeping Fido occupied, it’s also important to keep their brain active. This is why mentally stimulating activities and doggy puzzles are great! You can freshen up your canine’s training by going over old tricks or teaching them new ones. You could also get your pooch an entertaining toy like Hide-A-Squirrel or Dog Twister.

Be Considerate of Rover’s Rest

Just like you would hate a noisy roommate that interrupts your sleep schedule, your pooch would too. Your canine companion sometimes needs some peace and quiet, and they definitely aren’t going to be too fond of constant excessive noise. Remember, Fido has much more sensitive ears than you do. If you’re someone who needs constant noise in the background, consider playing classical music every now and then instead of constant TV or podcasts.

Have a Designated Safe Space for Fido

Sometimes your pup might want some quality alone time, especially if they’ve been stuck inside around people all day. If you don’t have one already, we highly recommend creating a designated “safe space” for your canine. When your pooch is ever feeling overwhelmed or needs a break, they’ll know there’s a spot in the house just for them where they can get away for as long as they need. If you have a dog that suffers from anxiety, a safe spot can be even more beneficial for them.

Get Creative with Your Canine

If you want to kill two birds with one stone, creating your own toys and activities for Fido can help keep you occupied as well as your dog. Your furry friend loves variety. And if you’re not able to go out and buy them new toys, making them yourself is a great option. If you have a pup who tends to get bored of their toys quickly, DIY toys are especially great.

If you and your canine are stuck inside, it can offer you both some quality time together. But it can also quickly make your pooch antsy. Actively trying to keep Fido occupied isn’t only beneficial to their health but also the state of your home and the furniture and possessions inside of it.

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