Is It Safe for Dogs to Play in Leaves?

Is It Safe for Dogs to Play in Leaves?

Now that Fall is in full swing, piles of leaves will be making their appearance. You’ll be able to find them on almost every yard up and down the block. With this, you may be tempted to let your furry friend jump and frolic through a couple of your own autumn made mounds. This may not be a great idea, though. Leaf piles can be home to many of the things that make your pooch sick, here are just a few.

Allergic Reactions in Rover

Many leaf piles, especially when damp, can be filled with mold and other disgusting bacterias. It’s also likely that your pooch could have allergic reactions over them. Mold related allergies symptoms will usually include an abundance of sneezing, watery eyes, and sometimes even a nasty cough. Some dogs can have extreme reactions that lead to reaccuring ear infections and excessive biting and scratching towards the affected area. Because of all these reactions, many vets recommend keeping a close eye on your pooch during the fall for any related symptoms.

If your furry friend does find themselves in a leaf pile, you’ll want to make sure you wash them down with plenty of hypoallergenic & allergy relief doggy shampoo to get rid of the uncomfortable itching sensation your canine is probably experiencing. There are over the counter medications, like antihistamines or topical creams, that can help with any inflammation or redness. But ensure to contact your vet first to get a recommended dosage. If Fido ends up having a severe repetitive reaction, your vet may even recommend allergen injections. These will hopefully desensitize your dog to the mold.

Creepy Crawlies

A sitting leaf pile only takes about a day to become the home to many snakes, ticks, spiders, and centipedes. Concealed venomous snakes & spiders can quickly and easily bite into your pooches leg leading to a painful aftermath that you’ll want to seek veterinary assistance for ASAP. Ticks can latch onto your pup in a matter of seconds. They’re also known to carry pathogens that cause Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses. Besides that, these little monsters will pest your dog, causing them extreme irritation. They might even hop on over to you as their new host, also extremely gross. If you do find any ticks on your four-legged friend, there are plenty of over the counter treatments that can be taken orally or applied externally to get rid of those pesky bugs.

Sharp Sticks & Branches

A leaf pile can easily conceal some sharp sticks and branches. If your canine companion were to casually jump into one of these piles, they could end up leaving with a painful cut or other wounds. This can lead to a steep vet bill that, on average, costs about $650 to treat. So save Fido’s health and your wallet the trouble by avoiding those leaf piles.

Poisonous Plants for your Pooch

Red maple leaves, wild mushrooms, and chestnuts can all pose health hazards to your hound. Red maple trees for starters, produce leaves that can impair the red blood cell function in canines. Most wild mushrooms are harmless, but the small percentage that is harmful is also incredibly toxic and dangerous. Sometimes known as “conkers” or fallen chestnuts contain a poison known as aesculin that, if consumed in large quantities, can be fatal for Fido. There are a variety of other plants that can create some extreme adverse reactions for your pup. Popular symptoms of these poisons can be vomiting, diarrhea, sluggishness, excessive drooling, and lack of coordination. If you notice any of these symptoms in your pooch or suspect they’ve eaten something toxic, contact Animal Poison Control or your local vet immediately.

When doing yard work this fall, indoors is probably the safest place for your pup. At least until you’ve properly disposed of any leaves or yard scaps.

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