Fighting Your Dogs Seasonal Allergies

Fighting your dogs seasonal allergies.

During April, May, and even June, many people experience seasonal allergies. This year has been particularly bad because of the pollen and other weather issues causing your allergies. Whether you just have a scratchy nose or your full-blown sick from your allergies, no matter what- they are extremely irritating and annoying. While you’re concerned with your allergies, our dogs often deal with seasonal allergies as well! They can be allergic to grass pollens, dust mites, and more. You may see the similar symptoms that you experience in your dog, like inflamed or itchy skin and red eyes. Dogs also scratch more, bite or lick their paws, and shed excessively when they have allergies. If you notice that your dog is experiencing these issues, it may be a good idea to take some action. Here are some tips on how to help your pup survive allergy season.


Diet is a huge part of keeping your dog healthy and to help you combat allergies. While you may have been giving your dog the same food for a while now, you may not know exactly what is in it. Make sure you’re reading the labels on dog food and learning what is best for your dog. Ask your vet if there are certain ingredients to avoid for your dog’s specific allergy. Adding fish oil or other omega 3 and 6 supplements can help their skin and hair health. Also adding leafy greens to your dog’s diet, such as┬ádandelion leaves, spinach, lettuce and celery, can provide benefits for allergies as well.


Whatever may be causing your dog’s allergies, such as pollen, can build up in their fur or skin and make the allergies worse. When you groom your dog regularly, you can get rid of these particles and this can help some allergy issues. Bathe your dog once a month. Use a natural shampoo that won’t strip their natural oils and make them dry. After your outside for a while, in the park or on a hike, just rise your dog and dry them. This will get the particles off without having to use harsher shampoos that will dry their coat. You should also be brushing your dog to help promote healthy skin and fur. It will keep their coat nice during allergy season, but also reduce the amount of hair around your house.


Another way you can help your dog’s allergies is to give them supplements that boost their immune health. Vitamins and other supplements can add whatever is missing to your dog’s diet. Try a once a day vitamin like Vivamune that will help your furry friends allergies and immune system. Just be sure to do your research and ask your vet for their opinion.

Overall, allergies are not fun for anyone. But with these tips hopefully you can help your dog feel a little bit better in these months.

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By Symptoms & Treatments for Dog Allergies on June 26, 2018

[…] your dog’s seasonal allergies┬ámay have subsided in the summer weather, you should always look out for skin, food, and […]

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