Everything You Need for an Older Dog

Old age in any family member needs tons of preparation. Whether you’re getting ready to adopt an elderly dog or just need tips to update your dog’s stuff, we are here to help. Keep these things in mind!

Exercise is Important

As your dog gets older, is gets more and more important to maintain a healthy physical activity schedule. For older dogs, this means two 15-minute walks a day. It might not seem like a lot, but that 30 minutes of activity can help prevent dog canine dementia, as well as obesity and inflammation. It can get harder to walk your dog during the winter, especially since older dogs are more sensitive to the cold. We have a few tips to help you, but you can start buying into a good winter coat. DJANGO has plenty of coats, hoodies, and raincoats to choose from! The best part is that they are high quality, so they will no doubt last a long time.

The Basics

No matter how old your dog is, there is going to be basic equipment you have to invest in. As your dog gets older, things like leashes, tags, crates – even beds have to be updated for their needs.

When you look to update your leash, make sure to think about all aspects of your buddies life. How active are they? What special needs do they have? Do they have comfort preferences? Make sure you consider different options for your harnesses and leashes. That way, they can be comfortable and healthy. 

Update your dogs tag, too! Life can be unpredictable. Your dog might escape or get lost, which is doubly concerning when they have health problems that need special attention. Always include your dog’s name and your contact information, but add any medical information or conditions that your dog has so that people know its important for them to come back to you. Look into DogID’s Medical Alert tags for tags with medical symbols. 

Now that you’ve got those in hand, you can start thinking about dog crates. If you and your furry friend are particularly active or do a lot of travelling, get them a durable, comfortable crate. The MidWest Homes folding dog crate is a great option if youre worried about space. Couple it with a crate cover from the same brand and you’ve got a cozy, safe environment for an anxious old boy. If you need more help choosing the right kennel for your baby, check this out!

Consider, too, that your dog will spend 15-20 hours a day sleeping. While this might not cause immediate problems for a younger dog, all that pressure can cause discomfort and arthritic inflammation. An orthopedic bed can combat this. Big Barker has a lot of cozy options for bigger dogs, but if you need something for someone a little smaller you can check out the selection from BarksBar.

Potty Equipment

Older dogs need to do business up to 6 times a day, so you have to make sure that you are fully prepared to deal with it. Quality poop bags will come in handy. Whether you choose heavy duty, vegan, or plastic be sure to dispose of things properly. If your dog is a little older or sicker, investing in some puppy pads and dog diapers is a great idea in case they have accidents before they can get outside. If your dog misses the pad, then an enzyme spray like Angry Orange Pet Stain & Odor Remover will come in handy. The most important thing here is that you’re patient with your friend and are fully prepared for anything.

Mobility Aids

Avoiding unnecessary strain on your dogs joints is key. You can prevent things like Intervertebral Disc Disease Type II, by investing in a good, slip-resistant mobility ramp. These can be used anywhere where your dog might be tempted to jump from. Amazon has a ton of these but if you want one from a more reputable dog company, check out the PetSafe Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp. It’s made of a lightweight aluminum that can support over 400lbs. Updating their doggie bowls is a great way to help your friend out, too. The bowls they have now might be a little too low for them to comfortably bend, so getting a set of elevated bowls is a great idea.

Doggy Hygiene

Take care of Fido’s hygiene as much as you do your own. Give your dog a bath at least once a month. For older dogs, make sure to use a hypoallergenic shampoo to avoid irritation to sensitive skin. Only Natural Pet offers plenty of holistic options for your dog to use. If you notice your dog’s snoot and paws are extra dry and cracking, then a vegan balm from Natural Dog Company can add that extra necessary moisture. 

Brushing their teeth is important, too, whether theyre young or old. Dental hygiene can prevent issues like gum disease, which leads to preventing things like chronic nasal discharge. Petco offers plenty of affordable dental kits, each with a doggie toothbrush or finger brush. If it’s easier, adding a dental rinse to her bowl isn’t a bad idea. 

But don’t stop there! Make sure that you clean his eyes and ears, too. Remember, infections can happen for any number of reasons so take the time to take preventative measures. You can use Pet MD’s Dog Ear Wipes to fight back an ear infection and an ointment like Terramycin Opthalmic Ointment for Dogs for things like pink eye.

Finally, remember to keep up with their nails. If you have a little trouble telling when its time for a trim, our article here has some great tips. The first step is to get a good pair of clippers. Boshel’s Dog Nail Clippers are great for beginners, since they feature a safety blade to keep you from over clipping and hurting your pet.

Healthy Food and Treats

Dogs are just like us. The older they get, the more they need to do to keep their bodies healthy. Pay attention to the ingredients in the food and treats that you buy. Older dogs tend to have more sensitive stomachs, with slower metabolisms, so adding or removing ingredients from their diets can help their digestive tracts. Pay attention to your treats, too. Giving them healthy, organic snacks can ensure they get the fresh ingredients they need for strong bodies. You can also do research on CBD treats. CBD is a great holistic approach to combating pain in dogs. This way, you can bring extra comfort to your dog without giving him extra chemicals. Here is our list of the best CBD dog treats of 2020.

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