Dog-Safe Floor Cleaners

Dog-Safe Floor Cleaners

Since you’re not washing your dog with it or making them consume it, you may be wondering what the purpose is of dog-safe floor cleaners. Which is completely understandable. There are a few significant reasons, though, that should have you switching to a dog-safe floor cleaner.

As mentioned above, it’s not like Fido will be consuming this cleaner, so what’s the big deal? If you think about how often your canine companion licks the floor (which for some pups might be every 15 minutes), then it shouldn’t be hard to imagine how much of that toxic cleaner residue they’re consuming.

On top of that, canines tend to be more sensitive to certain chemicals than we are. They’re paws, coat, and skin directly contact your floors every day. In some cases, this contact can lead to irritation and rashes.

Our dogs are also much closer to the ground and have much more sensitive noses than their pet parents. So even breathing in or sniffing the floor can cause your pooch to inhale fumes the cleaner left behind.

To prevent your furry friend from having to endure these side effects, here are some of the best pet-safe floor cleaners on the market.

Better Life Floor Cleaner

Retail Price: $13.98

One great benefit of Better Life Floor Cleaner is its versatility. You can use it on hardwood, ceramic tile, stone, bamboo, vinyl, and laminations. Many pet parents have enjoyed the solutions pleasant citrus and mint fragrance, as well as how long a single bottle will last. Better Life Floor Cleaner also advertises itself as a plant-based product that is cruelty-free (doesn’t test their products on animals).

Puracy Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

Retail Price: $14.99

Puracy Natural All-Purpose Cleaner was created and tested by doctors as well as recognized once in the New York Times as being “The Best All-Purpose Cleaner.” They boast that they’re not only a safe cleaner but an effective one as well. Before use on floors or countertops, though, you’ll need to use water to dilute it. Some pet parents like the formula of this cleaner so much that they even use it as a hand soap. Puracy is also a plant-based cleaner that advertises as being cruelty-free.

Eco-Me Natural Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner

Retail Price: $14.92

Another product that’s intended to be diluted with water before use is Eco-Me Natural Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner. The only difference is that for extremely dirty areas, they recommend using the solution undiluted for maximum strength against hard to clean grime. Eco-Me Natural not only boasts that their product will clean your floors but with natural antibacterial properties will improve their shine and protect them as well. Once again, Eco-Me is a plant-based product that is cruelty-free.

Aunt Fannies Vinegar Floor Cleaner

Retail Price: $9.99

Aunt Fannies Vinegar Floor Cleaner was created in hopes of cleansing your floors without disrupting the naturally occurring microbiome in your home. Like a couple of the products before, their formula can be used as-is. But they recommend that you dilute it with water before use. With vinegar being the primary ingredient, some consumers disliked the smell. While others said the eucalyptus, mint, and orange extracts covered it up effectively. Aunt Fannies is composed of plant-based extracts and received an A rating from the Environmental Working Group.

Switching to a different cleaner may not seem like a huge change, but it could be monumentally benefitting Fido more than you may realize. Pet-safe products help our furry friends live happier and healthier lives.

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