Car Safety Tips for Dogs in 2021

Car Safety Tips for Your Dog in 2021

Training your pooch to ride in the car can be a challenge, especially when there are safety measures involved and your dog is a dare-devil. There are too many instances where dogs get dragged by their leashes after they’ve jumped out of the car window. So how can you stop this from ever happening to your pup and get them used to riding in the car safely?

Make sure your dog is always riding with safety in mind. This means they should never ride in someone’s lap unrestrained, in the back bed of a truck, or be unsecured or unsupervised. If you decide to have your dog ride in your trunk or bed, they should be secured in a crate. Dogs riding in the inside of the vehicle should be fastened, try getting a dog-safe seatbelt!

Riding with your windows up or only cracked is important to ensure your dog won’t jump out if they spot something they want to play with or that they don’t get hit by objects on the side of the road.

Car Training

Car training for travel is something you should begin early with your pup. Dogs don’t necessarily understand how travel works like we do, so making them comfortable with being in the car and behaving correctly is important.

  • Get your dog comfortable with their car restraint equipment outside the space of the car.
  • Praise your dog for approaching and interacting with the equipment.
  • Have your training sessions fall short and be fun (with treats and toys).
  • Introduce your dog to the car, having the first few interactions be static.
  • Have a family member or friend drive the first time so you can comfort your dog.
  • Keep the training trips planned and quick, try going somewhere your pooch would love, like the dog park!

Safety in Exiting

Your training sessions should include being aware that your dog may get the urge to bolt from their restraints before being leashes, maybe out of excitement, anxiety, or restlessness. Developing skills of impulse control with your dog will better help the experience of leashing them and cuing them to leave the car when you are prepared.

  • Get your dog’s leash and treats ready before you approach your dog to get out of the car.
  • Reward good behavior when your dog is calm when you open the door or crate.
  • Pause what you are doing if your dog starts getting overly excited to avoid rewarding the wrong behavior.
  • Praise your dog as you are leashing them and opening their restraint. Make sure it’s safe for your pup to leave the car, then cue them that they can get out.
  • Reward your pooch for getting out safely and calmly.

Your goal for training is that your dog is comfortable while traveling by car and practices safety measures without fuss. It’s also important to note that practicing drive-through and gas station manners is crucial for the safety of your dog and others around you. New situations can be extremely stressful for you and your canine companion, but practice makes perfect!

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