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Become The Reward

Becoming the reward for your dog.

Many of you have been asking us recently about what we do to build our dogs’ motivation towards us.  So here is a quick video to show you what I  do quite often with my dogs to build a relationship and to build the foundation that ”I am the reward”.

Similar to many trainers, I train my dogs using a system of markers  accompanied by a variety of rewards (toy, food, etc..).  One thing that has  always stood out to me when watching other trainers is that the rewards  used are almost always objects that are given to the dog by the handler or the helper.

This is one reason that many trainers/handlers have issues getting the  same level of motivation when these objects are no longer involved.   Yes, you can hide them in the pockets of your training vest; but  the dog will still smell them and know they are there to be accessed.   So, when training our dogs, we spend a great deal of time becoming the reward.

This means we go into a training session without any equipment (toys, vest, leash, food, or anything else your dog may be able to smell or associate with training.  Each dog is different in their interests and levels of energy,  but it is up to the trainer to figure out how to become whatever is needed to make the dog feel powerful and excited.  Here is a quick session of me working on “becoming the reward” with our newest dog Rory.

Yes, he’s a ruff boy, and not for the fragile! However, this is about his needs not mine.  Again, each dog is different.  Figure out what your dog enjoys and become the reward!


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