A Full Guide on Dog Park Etiquette

A Full Guide on Dog Park Etiquette

Going to the dog park with your furry friend can be a fantastic experience. But, as a pet owner, you need to keep your and your dog’s safety in mind. Follow these etiquette rules the next time you’re taking a trip to the dog park.

Prepare beforehand

Before you take your trip to the dog park, research the park you’re going to. Most dog parks require your pooch to be fully licensed and fully vaccinated. A license can be up to $10-$20 in some areas. These records protect your dog and other dogs at the park. Reading up on the dog park rules is also essential. Some parks don’t allow children under a certain age or for owners to bring their toys or treats.

Pay attention to body language.

While the dog park should be fun for all dogs, not all dogs play nice. Keep an eye on Fido while he’s playing in the park, and watch out for any aggressive body language, such as flat ears or baring teeth. If your dog seems fearful at the park, don’t wait to remove him. Fearful dogs are more likely to lash out and attack other dogs, creating an unsafe environment.

Watch for the three P’s.

Packing, possessing, and provoking are all red flags at a dog park. While these behaviors can be dangerous in your dogs, you should watch out for these behaviors in other dogs.


Packing is the behavior in which a group of dogs pack together and start to intimidate other dogs. While it is great for other dogs to play together, packing can cause fights in the dog park.


If your puppy is overly possessive of you, a toy, or a stick, keep them close to you. While some possessive behaviors are harmless, they can lead to aggressive behavior, such as biting or fighting.  Keep your eyes out for any other dogs presenting possessive or aggressive behavior.


If your pooch provokes other dogs, it is time to leave the dog park immediately. Proving can cause dangerous fights between dogs, making the dog park extremely unsafe.

Going to the dog park with your pup should be fun. Follow these tips the next time you go to a dog park!

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