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Positive Pets offers NO EXCUSES Dog Training.

We can train any dog - Yes, even yours! - Any age, Any breed.

We take a different approach than the other dog trainers in Charlotte, NC. Our programs are designed not only to create happy, confident, fun dogs, but to also prove the behaviors created against the most severe distractions.

This unique and gentle approach to dog training allows us to start training puppies as early as 8 weeks old and progress them rather quickly. Unlike traditional training programs, we concentrate on teaching dogs a system of learning rather than a few basic commands. Once the foundation of learning is established, they can begin to figure out pretty much any new behavior in a matter of a few minutes.

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Training Programs

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Available for Police Officers, Rescue Workers, Military Servicemen, Educators, & Firefighters.

On Leash Training

For Dogs 7 Months and Older

The On Leash Training program is designed to teach the owner and dog that the leash is there to give information. In this program the owner/dog will learn the different types of leash pressure and the meanings behind each individual one.

By the end of the program the dog will completely be leash literate and fully functional in all environments.

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Off Leash Training

For Dogs 7 Months and Older

Our Off Leash Program is designed to help get your pet the freedom that they deserve. In this program the dog will learn and be proofed on commands such as sit, down, place, come, heel, etc.

In order to complete this program each dog must be able to perform and hold each of these commands around food, toys, active people, and active dogs to ensure we have a confident pet with function real world control.

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Adult Board & Train Transformation Academy

For Dogs 7 Months and Older

This Board and Train program consists of 4-6 weeks of extensive training. Each dog will learn sit, down, come, place, and heel. Other commands can be added upon request. Each command will be proofed around severe distractions and in many different environments to insure functionality in real world scenarios.

Upon return, each client will need to attend 3 private sessions where they will be taught what to expect from the dog when each individual command is given and how to expect it. Each dog will require a health guarantee from a veterinarian upon arrival.

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Puppy Training

Training is an important step when you bring a puppy into your family. Positive Pets has Programs that are built to get your relationship with your new family member off to the right start. We will help to create a well-mannered, happy, and obedient dog.

Click a tab below to Get Started Now about each of the puppy training programs that we offer at Positive Pets Dog Training:

Puppy Introduction Training

Our Puppy Introduction program teaches the owner all of the ins and outs of owning and raising a new puppy.

This program will cover:

  • Crate Training
  • Socialization
  • Desensitization
  • Diet
  • Motivation
  • Basic Obedience Training

Each course will be Custom Tailored & consists of 6 Training Sessions.

Puppy Board & Train

Our Puppy Board and Train is a 3 week program that teaches your pup valuable life skills. Our training will help them to form the right habits at an early age as they stay with us at our training facility. During the program they will learn all the necessary behaviors to help them develop the fundamental traits to become a happy and well behaved dog throughout their lives.

All training will be done using a system of markers to ensure a happy, functional dog.

Upon return, each client will need to attend 3 private sessions where they will be taught how to maintain their puppy until they are mature enough to move forward with the next stage in its training.

*Each dog will require a health guarantee from a veterinarian upon arrival.*

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Marker Training

Our Marker Training course is great for both young and older dogs. In this course, the owner learns how to create markers (a word or sound) that will be used to capture specific behaviors given by the dog such as sit, down, place, etc. As a result, each dog will learn how to activate the owner and his surroundings. This course is a 6 week course consisting of 1 session per week.

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Trick Training

Our Trick Training course has been designed to help further the control of your pet while also learning to have fun and build a better relationship. There are 3 levels of our trick training classes (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). During each class the owner/dog will learn how to create each specific trick that is being offered on that day. This program can take place in either a group or private setting. Each course will consist of 8 sessions teaching the tricks for the level of the class being attended.

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It's like my dog has been put under a magic spell and all of a sudden does anything I ask her to. It's truly mind blowing!
Positive Pets is continuing to work with Bentley, our 14 month old golden-doodle, but he has been phenomenal. Never did I think this dog would respond so quickly to their instruction and work.
Love their style and technique of dog training! In a matter of minutes my dog was doing commands and tricks that I couldn't believe.. Fresh approach that gets the dog owner and dog involved together as a team and challenges the learning skills of us all.. Really happy with the results so far.. I knew my dog was in good hands from day one! Ryan is a great trainer! I will definitely point my dog owning friends in his direction!
I've visited many world class K9 training facilities and some of the most impressive dogs I've ever seen worked have been by Positive Pets. The posture and attitude they carry while handling the dogs is truly top notch.

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